Minecraft Bedroom Ideas


I get it, Minecraft is all about exploring the world. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll eventually feel the need to make your own space in the Minecraft universe. And what better place to do this than in your very own bedroom? A creative way of expressing yourself with regard to decoration is something that many find appealing – but how can you use these building blocks on a smaller scale? We’ll take a look at some of our favorite ideas for taming the Minecraft bedroom, including everything from a ‘secret hideaway’ for storing your Minecraft gear to fun little nooks to showcase your creations.
What do you do to decorate your Minecraft bedroom?
Inspiring and creative.
A small, but significant addition to a bedroom.  A little piece of the Minecraft world right on your own bedside table.urning your room into a virtual representation of both who you are and what interests you.

A nice little hideaway for some Minecraft gear.  This one includes a number of chests and a bed, but if you don’t have enough time to craft that much furniture, it’s okay to reduce the size of this space!  You could also use a lockette chest instead of normal chests, which have access points on all four sides – this would be useful so as not to block up access to the other parts of your home!
A special little place to celebrate your Minecraft finds.
A simple but effective solution to your Minecraft world’s storage problems.
A more creative approach to the ‘Bedroom’.  This room utilizes the idea of a ‘secret’ hideaway, and is a great way to store all of your harder-to-reach items.  Everything you need for adventuring is right at your fingertips, from potions to weapons, and it all gets neatly hidden away so that you can have everything easily accessible, whether you’re playing on PC or mobile.
A lego-esque Minecraft bedroom for kids.
A great little addition to your Minecraft house – this is a fun way to tell others about your hobbies and interests.
A creative spin on the idea of a Minecraft bedroom that incorporates elements from lots of different builds (here, it looks like there’s been some inspiration taken from the castle build featured on the site – great work!)
What do you do to decorate your Minecraft bedroom?

Based off of one of our favorite builds by HothLord. Check out more from HothLord:  http://exotic-minecraft.weebly.com/  or visit his deviantArt page! : http://exotic-minecraft.deviantart.

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